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PlayStation Vita Game Heaven Live Blog [DO NOT READ]


NOTE: It's come to my attention that the broadcast is actually on Friday night and not Thursday night. I'm going to keep this story live as a permanent reminder of my shame and will create a new live blog story when the time comes tomorrow.

Sony is holding its "PlayStation Vita Game Heaven" webcast today. The broadcast will feature the latest game and service announcements for Vita.

You can watch the broadcast for yourself here starting at 20:00 (JST).

We'll be live blogging the major happenings, so be sure and refresh this page throughout the broadcast! (That's right... refresh! This is one of those old-skool hit-the-F5-button live blogs, so you'll have to refresh for updates. We promise not to update too frequently).

While waiting for the event to start, be sure and view our fully updated PlayStation Vita release calendar to see what's already on the way for the system.

Check back around 20:00 for the start of live updates.

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