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Over 90% Sell Through for One Piece Pirate Musou

Top selling One Piece game ever, and maybe the fastest selling Musou game too.


One Piece Pirate Musou's 650,000 units first week sales total was impressive, especially considering that various retailers had reported sell-outs. Sales tracker Media Create confirms today that the game may indeed have been in short supply, as it saw a high sell-through of 92.07%.

Media Create also reports that game's PS3 hardware bundle sold 24,000 units. This helped push the system to 65,000 units for the week, its second highest total following the 74,000 units of the New Years sales rush.

Namco Bandai previously said that One Piece Pirate Musou was off to the fastest start yet for a One Piece game. Media Create confirms this -- but it's not just in terms of first week sales. In its first week, Pirate Musou crossed total lifetime sales of the previous best selling One Piece game, One Piece Grand Battle! 2, which reached total sales of 540,000 units following its release in March 2002.

As for how One Piece Pirate Musou is doing compared to the other side of the collaboration, the Musou/Warriors series, Media Create notes that it equaled or exceeded the previous first week record holders for the series, PS2's Dynasty Warriors 4, with 650,000 units first week, and PS2's Samurai Warriors, with 639,000 units.

The special PS3 bundle.

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