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Little Battler eXperience Announced For 3DS

New entry for PSP too!


Last month, Coro Coro Comics teased that its next issue would have top secret information related to Level-5's Little Battler eXperience series. Some sources are reporting that the top secret information is not one but two new entries in the series.

PSP will get Little Battler eXperience W. The series will also be exploring other portable options for the first time with Little Battler Experience Baku Boost (maybe... "Explosive Boost") on 3DS.

We don't have details about the two games yet, but we can make some guesses based off the names. W is presumably a proper sequel to the original Little Battler eXperience, based off the like-named anime that began airing in January. Baku Boost is presumably an updated version of Little Battler eXperience Boost, which was released to the PSP late last year.

All this information comes from some guy on Twitter who provided, as evidence, a pic of Coro Coro's cover. We'll hopefully get official announcement next week.

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