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Inazuma Eleven Go Chrono Stone Announced for 3DS

3DS version to be preceded by manga and anime in April.

Inazuma Eleven Go, shown above, was released as two SKUs. We can probably expect the same for Chrono Stone, but Level-5 has not yet shared release details.

The next Inazuma Eleven game Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino recently teased has been revealed in Coro Coro Comics to be Inazuma Eleven Go Chrono Stone. As expected, the game is for 3DS.

Tenma returns as main character. Coro Coro also introduces Fey Rune, a boy who's come from the future, Wonderbat, an android teddy bear, and Alpha, a member of Team Protocol Omega. Alpha has apparently come from the future as well, and says that he will take soccer from the world.

The story begins following the completion of Go's Holy Road soccer tournament. Tenma returns to Raimon Junior High, but finds that things have changed. The Raimon members are not soccer players. In fact, there is no soccer club at the school. Shinsuke is in a different club from Tenma. Is this a parallel world? wonders Tenma . That's when Alpha appears before him.

Hino promised that the game would be a "time travel adventure." Going along with this theme, the Inazuma Caravan is now a time machine. Not only can it travel through time, but it can transform!

Coro Coro provides details on one new gameplay system, "Mixi Max." This system lets you place the abilities from one team member into another, creating a new single member with both prior members' abilities. Wonderbat performs this fusion using his Mixi Max Gun.

It's unclear if this is a gameplay system, but Coro Coro also mentions the "Exciting Gauge," which involves Wonderbat turning from his normal blue color to pink when he's excited.

As with last year's Inazuma Eleven Go, Chrono Stone's 3DS appearance will be preceded by a manga, which begins serialization in Coro Coro Comics on April 14, and an anime, which begins airing on April 18.

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