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Namco Bandai Readying Free Gundam Online Game for PS3

Six on six online action coming in June!


Gundam UC is now out. Time for the next PS3 Gundam game to be announed!

This one's a bit different, though. Famitsu has first details this week on Gundam Battle Operation, an online Gundam game that will be released to the PS3 in late June. The game is free to download. Basic play is also free.

Developed by B.B. Studio, which also worked on 2nd Super Robot Taisen Z and Masou Kishin II, Battle Operation is a six versus six action battle game. In addition to taking on the battle field in your mobile suit, you'll also have to run around as a pilot at times.

Famitsu does not have details on how Namco Bandai will be making money off the title, but one can speculate we'll get lots of paid items. The game's concept is apparently "a deep game that can be played at length without payment."

Namco Bandai will hold a closed beta test for the game. Interested parties will be able to put their name down for one of the 10,000 slots between March 29 and March 31. Expect details on the beta test once the game is formally announced later this week.

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