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Tetsuya Nomura Talks Kingdom Hearts 3D With Famitsu

Game originally planned with worlds based off Tron and Tron Legacy.


The mysterious Final Fantasy Versus XIII comment we posted earlier from Tetsuya Nomura was part of a larger interview that appeared in this week's Famitsu. As you might expect, the interview's main focus was Kingdom Hearts 3D, which sees 3DS release on the 29th.

Among the revelations from the interview, as summarized at Sokuho:

The package illustration they'd originally planned to use for the game had a larger Mickey and smaller Sora and Riku. They decided against this because it was difficult to use on the packaging, and, when used on the title screen, the image made it difficult to tell who was who.

The final package design.

The final KH3D has a world based off Tron Legacy. Originally, the plan was to have Sora go to the original Tron and Riku go to Tron Legacy.

Tron Legacy.

Nomura said that the game can be cleared in 35 hours, but he noted that play time will be extended if you sink your teeth into the character raising component and mini games.

Nomura's mysterious comments about Versus XIII came in the closing of the interview (see this story for details). It's possible that we'll hear more about Versus next week, as Famitsu is promising another interview with him for its next issue.

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