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Tokitowa: World Update

Heroine Toki casts her spell.


Imageepoch updated its JRPG blog today with the latest look at Tokitowa's basic world setting. See this story for the first look, which introduced us to the kingdom of Kamuza.

This week's update begins with an early scene showing your character -- the guy with the blue hair -- about to marry heroine Toki. They're getting married even though they've never kissed. And it looks like they may have to hold off on that first kiss, as someone decides to interrupt the wedding:

Next, a couple of image boards showing two areas from Kamuza Kingdom. One shows a ruins, another shows a town whose residents have died (or possibly disappeared).

This next set of pics shows a battle scene. We've seen the one on the left before. Now see what happens after Toki casts her spell on the enemy.

In addition to being part of the gameplay, Toki's ability with magic is also tied in closely with the story.

Finally, a look at a port town in Kamuza.

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