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Yakuza Black Panther 2: Crime Events and New Teams


Sega's latest update on Yakuza Black Panther 2, which sees release next week and scored many 10s in the latest Famitsu, details the game's new "Crime Event" component, and introduces us to new thugs you'll find around town.

Crime Events

Crime events involve crimes that take place around town but are otherwise unrelated to main character Tatsuya. You'll be able to select to either take part in the event or ignore it. You can even begin to involve yourself in the incident, but quit halfway through.

Examples include a convenience store being robbed, or a fight amongst drunks.

New Teams

Here are some of the central players in the street politics around Kamurocho and Aotenbori.

Team Burai

Team Burai is located in Kamurocho and headed up by Tooru Minazuki, who says he came to Kamurocho two years back but is otherwise unknown.

Team Wardog

Team Wardog is located in Kamurocho and headed up by Katsumi Kishi. The team is mostly made up of students.

Team Lovers

Team Lovers is located in Aotenbori and is headed up by Taiki Kuuya, who holds a party at his bar every night. Rather than fighting, they prefer partying and drinking.

Team Sennan Mad

Team Sennan Mad (named after Sennan, the area of Osaka from which they come) is located in Aotenbori and is headed up by Soujiro Raika.

Crossover With Yakuza Mobile

Sega is holding a crossover promotion between Black Panther 2 and Yakuza Mobile for GREE. The mobile title's main character Ginji will appear in Black Panther 2 as part of a sub story. Clear the sub story, and you'll get a bonus of some form for Yakuza Mobile.

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