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No More Heroes and Fire Emblem's Yusuke Kozaki Draws Gravity Rush's Main Character

Sweet wallpaper for your Vita or PC.


Most people read the newspaper (or maybe their Kindle?) when they get up. What does artist Yusuke Kozaki do when he wakes up?

Here's what he did today at dawn:

That's Kat, main character of Sony's PlayStation Vita title Gravity Daze/Rush, wearing her new cat download content costume (details on the DLC here).

Kozaki did these "sketches" of Kat at dawn today and posted them to Twitter as PC and Vita wallpapers.

Kozaki, who did character design work for No More Heroes and, most recently, Fire Emblem Awakening, has no connection with Gravity Rush. However, he says that occasionally drawing unrelated characters helps him keep his mental balance.

The red wallpaper is for your Vita. Here's what it looks like on the system:

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