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Conception: Baby Birthing, Baby Thieves and Baby Jobs


In Spike's dungeon crawler Conception: Please Give Birth to My Children, you'll need to make a battle party consisting of star children, special kids who alone can defeat the invading Kegare.

You'll have to make these star children with thirteen maidens. Making babies requires KP, or Kizuna Points. Even if you don't speak Japanese, you've probably played enough RPGs to know that "Kizuna" means "Bonds" -- and not in the bondage sense.

As you develop your relationship with the maidens, their affection for you will rise, reflected in higher KP. You can raise your KP during conversation events, and while exploring dungeons. A baby birthed when your KP is higher will be stronger during battle.

Maidens & Conversation

Here's a look at the girls you'll be making babies with in Conception.

One of these is your cousin (or possibly childhood friend). I'm not going to tell you which one though!

Baby Making Machine

You might have noticed that Conception has a relatively tame C rating. There's no actual baby making in the traditional sense in this game. To make your babies, you and one of the maidens put their "spirit" into a Matryoshka doll container.

There are different types of Matryoshka dolls, and the choice of doll determines your child's properties. A Matryoshka AT (red) will give your child greater attack strength. A Matryoshka Wind (green) will give your child wind elemental properties. The blue one shown below is the default doll.

You'll collect new Matryoshka dolls from fallen Kegare and hidden around dungeons.

Star Children and Jobs

Once you've bred a star child, you'll be able to see its "Miko Data," with parameters for things like attack, defense, luck and... I see a "moe" in the screenshots, but I'm not sure if it's that moe. These parameters rise based off your KP value.

It also seems that the timing of birth matters. If the star child is born in the same in-game month as its sign, it will be stronger.

Just like real parents, you'll want to chose your child's job at birth. Jobs include typical RPG stuff like fighter, monk, magician, archer, thief (!!!), cleric and merchant. There are also upper class jobs like hunter, magic knight, paladin and berserker.

Your children's jobs, and their parameters, are a central part of the game's strategy. As previously detailed, you group your children into three teams of four and command each team as a single unit. The total attack strength and capabilities of teach team is the sum of each child.

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