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Tokyo Jungle Has Real Life Crossovers and Unlockable "Costumes"

Imagine how much fiercer he'd look in leather!

Humanity may have gone kaput in the world of Tokyo Jungle, but we left behind some recognizable landmarks. As you prowl the streets of Tokyo in search of prey, you'll find real life shops like beef bowl chain Matsuya, noodle chain Fuji Soba, and a karaoke chain Karaoke-kan.

Famitsu has a first look at these collaborations this week, along with details on the game's online ranking mode in which you compete using "survival points" that you earn based off how long you've survived and how many calories you've taken in.

While it's easy to imagine the remnants of a Matsuya or Karaoke-kan in the ruins of Tokyo, here's one feature that may be hard to visualize without screenshots. The game apparently has a costume component. You'll be able to use your survival points to obtain costumes.

Which presumably means that the wildlife in Tokyo Jungle have learned to wear clothes...

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