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Tiny Pic of Tokitowa's Development Environment

Plus, more from Imageepoch CEO Ryoei Mikage.


Here's a tiny pic of the development environment Imageepoch has set up for highly animated PS3 RPG Tokitowa. While development environment can also mean the thing programmers and artists use to make their game, in this article it mean the literal development environment -- the place where the director sits.

Imageepoch CEO Ryoei Mikage shared this pic today via Twitter -- apparently using his circa 2002 feature phone. (You'll need to turn your monitor around to properly view the pic -- pretend you're playing a shooter in tate mode.)

Wrote Mikage, "Recently, whenever anime-related people come over to the company for a visit, they all want to see Tokitowa. For 70%, the first response is 'Wow... it's really moving."

Anime industry people are apparently impressed to see scenes like this in motion.

Imageepoch seems to be releasing new details on Tokitowa every week, so we'll hopefully get a chance to see it moving soon.

Sol Trigger

Mikage has also been sharing little bits about his company's finale on PSP, Sol Trigger, which has been announced for summer release.

Imageepoch will be holding some sort of internal production meeting in early April, then will continue to make adjustments until a meeting with distributors some time in May. Pre-orders for the game began late last week. Mikage said to expect a release date announcement later (yes, this can mean anything.)

We should be hearing more from Mikage shortly. He will join the CEOs of Falcom and Nippon Ichi for a dialogue in this month's Gemaga, which hits on March 30. This will be the final issue of Gemaga, ending the 27 year history of Japan's longest running game magazine.

Cover of the final Gemaga.

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