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The images of Agarest Senki Mariage in Dengeki are way more offensive than this. (Shown: a different Agarest game).

Dengeki PlayStation has lots of Idea Factory and Compile Heart coverage this week. Here's what's leaked out of the magazine, all in one place.

First up, Generation of Chaos 6, which is revealed as the first game from Super Sting, the new brand recently formed by Idea Factory and Sting. In development for PSP, this latest Generation of Chaos game will be published by Idea Factory on June 28. The game has a chapter-style story progression. Gameplay is split into field and battle parts. The combat uses a 1 vs 1 active battle system.

Idea Factory subsidiary Compile Heart is also working on a new game. We won't find out what it us until some time after April 2. Not on April 2, though, as Dengeki reveals that this is when the game's teaser site will open. Yes, it's a tease for a teaser site. Look forward to it.

Here's a game that never got a teaser site, but was revealed ahead of its formal announcement via a retail leak. A couple of weeks back, we shared details on the then-unannounced Agarest Senki Mariage, a new PSP entry in Idea Factory's Agarest series. The game has at long last made it into Dengeki PlayStation, complete with lots of artwork that can only be described as offensive. The magazine details the latest version of the Soul Breed system, and a new "Pulmage System" which is said to make battles more interesting.

Speaking with the magazine in an interview, Idea Factory CEO Shingo Kuwana said that Keiji Inafune, who served in an advisory role following his departure from Capcom, provided great stimulus to the company.

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