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Tokyo Jungle: Dress Your Animals in School Girl and Hip Hop Outfits


Far in the future, mankind has disappeared and wild animals roam the streets. To survive the Tokyo Jungle, you'll need to seek shelter from predators, learn to discern between edible and rotten food, and produce offspring to continue into the next generation.

You'll also want to dress for the occasion. Here are a few of the costumes you'll be able to collect and equip.

Garbage Bag

Keeps you protected against disease when you've taken in rotten food or water.


Ups your life gauge capacity.

Hip Hop

Gives a small amount of extra attack strength.

Guard Dog

Gives a middling amount of extra attack strength.


Gives a major attack strength boost.


Gives a small amount of added defense strength.

These aren't just single outfits, but sets of items. The Hip Hop outfit, shown worn by a beagle above, includes a baseball cap, hip hop bandana, hip hop shirt, and basketball shoes. According to the description, they're the necessary items for a b-boy.

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