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Dokuro Screens and Gameplay Details

Have a first look at Gamearts' sidescrolling PS Vita action title.


GungHo has made formal announcement of Gamearts' new PlayStation Vita action title Dokuro, complete with screenshots introducing the story and gameplay.

Dokuro begins when the Princess is kidnapped by the Dark Lord, who plans to marry her. He locks the Princess away in his tower until the wedding.

You play as the game's titular character Dokuro. Dokuro guards the demon realm and is entrusted with watching the Princess, a duty that he takes seriously. However, seeing the Princess cry evokes a strange sensation in him. Hoping to see the Princes return home, Dokuro betrays the Dark Lord, frees the Princess, and attempts to lead her to the tower exit.

That's where you come in. Taking control of Dokuro, you'll need to lead the Princess through the tower, successfully navigating gimmicks and traps along the way. Dokuro can transform from his normal ghoulish self into an attractive hero. In ghoulish form, Dokuro is capable of performing double jumps, allowing him to reach hard-to-reach platforms. In hero form, Dokuro can carry the princess.

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