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AquaPazza PS3 Trailer and Product Pics

Get a first look at the special Real Arcade Pro stick.


Joining today's official announcement of the AquaPazza release date that surfaced in Famitsu earlier in the week, Aqua Plus opened an official site for the game and also shared a trailer.

The trailer feature's the PS3 version's opening theme song, Future World. View it here:

AquaPazza's PS3 release is due on June 28. Joining the game's standard ¥7,140 version, Aqua Plus will offer an ¥8,379 limited version that includes a soundtrack and sticker card set, and a ¥20,790 RAPBOX version that includes a special Real Arcade Pro V3 stick. Pre-orderers of any version will get a clear file.

The official site doesn't have much in the way of content yet. As new features for the PS3 conversion, the site mentions a new story mode (with the arcade version's story mode also included), and new modes such as network battle, score attack, training and gallery. The training mode is updated from the arcade version.

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