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Tokyo Jungle: Animal Unlock, Online Rankings and Attack Actions

The cow did not survive Yoyogi Park.


Sony released a new batch of full resolution screens for Tokyo Jungle today. Sadly, there are no closeups of that hot schoolgirl outfit from the other day, but the shots do show various areas of the game. Take a look below.


You'll be able to take on challenges. Clear these, and you'll be rewarded with survival points which can be used to unlock additional animals. Challenges appear to be like Achievements -- defeat 20 animals, reach Shibuya station, take in 4,000 calories, mark your territory 8 times, find a submerged car, and so-forth.

Animal Unlock

Costume Buying

Online Ranking


Basic hunting actions including "Fine Hunt!," bite and evasion. Hunting actions are usually accessible when you see a red teeth mark on a potential target. If you manage to attack without your target noticing, your hunt will be flagged a "Fine Hunt."

Special Action: Decoy

Survival sometimes means using one of your group members as a decoy. Use this technique when you can't get away from a powerful predator.

Special Action: Group Attacks

Smaller animals do stand a fighting chance if they team up for a group attack, as this cow finds out in Yoyogi Park.

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