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Akiba's Trip Update Announced for PSP

Full voice and super hard mode for Akihabara vampire hunters.

Akiba's Trip is so named because it's set on Akiba's main strip and you have to strip your vampire foes of their clothing.

Acquire is readying an updated version of Akiba's Trip, its Akihabara-based vampire hunting game. Titled Akiba's Trip Plus CD, the game will be released to PSP on June 21.

Akiba's Trip Plus CD switches the game's events to full voice, adds sub missions, and adds a super difficult Holic Mode. Owners of the original will be able to carry their data over to the new version.

The "CD" part of the title refers to a bonus CD that's included with the game. The game will also include a visual book featuring a number of guest illustrators.

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