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Gundam Seed Battle Destiny Customization Screens


Joining the usual Mobile Suit update, this week's batch of Gundam Seed Battle Destiny screens show the PS Vita title's customization elements.

You customize your Mobile Suits by distributing TP and GP across the mech's properties. TP are gained when you finish a mission and belong exclusively to the mech that you used. You can redistribute these points whenever you like. GP are also gained at the end of missions, but they can be assigned to any mech of your choosing. Once assigned, however, the TP is permanently associated with a given mech.

Customization affects live count. If you've decked out your mech with more weapons, its live count will go down. You can increase the live count by switching some of the weapons to an "off" state.

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Icons by Glyphicons. Used under CC-BY license.