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Finally, Kinect Gets a Gal Game

Dance with anime chicks in new "dance adventure" game from Boost On.

Gal Gun somehow ended up not having Kinect support.

Despite Xbox 360 having games like Dream Club and Gal Gun as exclusives (for a while at least), Kinect has somehow managed this long without a gal game. That's about to change thanks to Boost On.

Famitsu has a first look this week at "Love Training: Sweet," a Kinect-exclusive "dance adventure" game where you train in dancing with anime chicks (note: by "anime" chicks, I mean the kind of girl designs one might find in an anime -- you know, big eyes and so-forth -- not characters from actual anime). The game has character designs from Akira Caskabe, who previously did My Wife.

The dancing takes the form of mini games. As for the "adventure" part, your character has been put in charge of a dance club that's about to be closed dow. You must build up the club's membership by improving the dance performance level of your girls.

Love Training Sweet will be released this Summer. Like most gal games, but different from most Kinect games, it will have a limited edition.

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