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Kotec Prez Wants to Make Atelier Series Social

Yoichi Erikawa hopes to use greater resources to expand Gust's business opportunities.

Atelier Meruru on PlayStation 3.

The next Atelier game is Atelier Ayesha, a PS3 RPG in the same style as Atelier Meruru, Atelier Rorona and Atelier Totori.

Gust, or its new parent company Tecmo Koei at least, has plans for the series beyond these core offerings. In an interview posted to Nikkei Trendy today, Tecmo Koei CEO Yoichi Erikawa said that he would like to release social games based off the series.

The series lends itself extremely well to social gaming, said Erikawa. He did note, however, that the resulting game would probably be different than the card games or battle royal style games we're used to seeing in the social gaming space.

Nikkei previously mentioned Tecmo Koei's plans to take the series social, but we've heard nothing since.

Tecmo Koei other plans for Gust besides going social. Erikawa noted that while Gust has a strong fan base, the company's staff is too busy to develop related businesses, like fan events and media mix offerings. This is one area he'd like to strengthen.

Gust is a relatively small company, with just 30 staffers. However, according to Erikawa, they've managed to achieve a high profit margin, making 500 million yen operating profit off 1.3 billion yen in annual sales. With Tecmo Koei's resources, Erikawa believes Gust will be able to add greatly to its sales.

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