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First Look: Kinect Gal Dancing Game Love Training Sweet


Boost On has opened an official site for Love Training, Kinect's first gal game. The site won't see its full opening for a bit, but if you want screenshots you can visit Famitsu.com now.

As detailed earlier in the week, Love Training is a Kinect exclusive "dance adventure" game where you dance around with a bunch of girls in the hopes of saving your school's dance club.

The game is split into three separate releases, Love Training Sweet which is due this summer, Love Training Mint in the Fall and Love Training Bitter in Winter 2012. Each release includes four girls and a unique story. In Sweet, you attempt to make your club members win an upcoming stage event. In Mint, you work to rebuild your club, which is on the verge of collapse. In Bitter, you attempt to win the world dance championship.

Throughout all this, you'll develop deeper relationships with the girls. Yes, this may also be Kinect's first love sim too!

Here are the game's "sales points" according to Famitsu.com's report:

  • The character dance motions use motion capture from singer and voice actress Yui Sakakibara
  • Each character has her very own theme song performed by a major voice actress.
  • Character designs are from illustrator Akira Caskapia.
  • After clearing the game, you can form a custom unit with the four girls. You can also have the girls exchange outfits with one-another.

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