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Nayuta no Kiseki Official Site Opens

Behold, the world's first "Story Action RPG."


For your first official look at Nayuta no Kiseki, turn to the game's newly refreshed official site. The site now has screens and character artwork.

Most of the sections at the site are placeholders right now. The system section has a look at the season system that we detailed earlier in the week. Sections on combat, "season magic," gear craft special actions, museum, stage missions and achievements will be opened later.

The character section introduces main character Nayuta, the mysterious Noi, and Nayuta's friend Signa. The covergirl we've been seeing since the game's announcement is still without a name.

The site says that the game represents the creation of a new genre. Dragon Slayer started the "action RPG" genre, according to the site. Legend of Heroes Shiroki Majo created the "Story RPG," which allows you to experience a story with the same feeling as reading a book. Nayuta no Kiseki fuses these together and further evolves them to form the new "Story Action RPG" genre.

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