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Acquire continues to reveal more new content to justify the "plus" in Akiba's Trip Plus. Today, we learned of two additional bonuses for the updated PSP title.

The original Akiba's Trip was released in May 2011. The new Akiba's Trip is coming out this year. In the one year time, Akihabara itself has seen some changes, and the game world has been updated to reflect this.

Here's a comparison pic showing the scene outside Akihabara Station in Akiba's Trip (left) and Akiba's Trip Plus (right):

A build that had been under construction is now a Sega arcade. Radio Kaikan is under construction.

Character models have been refined for Plus, Here's Rui looking a bit boyish in Akiba's Trip (left) and closer to illustrator tanu's illustrations in Akiba's Trip Plus (right).

Plus also has updated controls and shorter load times for when switching between maps and loading up events.

If you have the original Akiba's Trip, you'll be able to carry your data over to Plus. You'll also get some bonus items whose effects are apparently illustrated by these images:

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Icons by Glyphicons. Used under CC-BY license.