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AKB48's Next Game is on 3DS

AKB48+Me set for 3DS release through Kadokawa Games this year.


All-girl band and all-girl social phenomenon AKB48 is getting another game. Famitsu has a first look this week at AKB48+Me, a 3DS title that's due for release some time this year.

The AKB48 girls previously appeared on the PSP through a dating simulation which gave players the chance to date and dump each girl in turn. A sequel had the same basic premise, but took place in Guam. Both games had impressive limited editions.

From the PSP AKB48 games.

Details on the 3DS title have yet to surface from Famitsu, but we do know one thing: rather than Namco Bandai, which published the PSP titles, AKB48+Me is being published by Kadokawa Games.

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