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The PSP AKB48 games were packed full of photographs and videos of the actual AKB48 members. Kadokawa Games is taking a different approach for the 3DS AKB48 game. Famitsu reveals that the AKB48 girls will appear in the game in Mii form.

The aptly titled AKB48+Me puts players in the role of a prospective AKB48 candidate. Over a three year period, you'll need to interact with the AKB48 girls in the hope of eventually becoming a member yourself.

The game includes the full gamut of AKB events, including television appearances and hand shake meets. The stage events take the form of a rhythm game, with the AKB48 member Miis dancing and singing.

Outside of this Success Mode, the game also has an "AKB Theater" mode, where you create your own stage, and a mode where you can enjoy trying on new outfits.

AKB48+Me will see release on 3DS some time this year.

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