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Famitsu.com has first screens and art of Senran Kagura Burst, a sequel to 3DS mega breast ninja action title Senran Kagura that debuted in this week's Weekly Famitsu.

Take a look at the goodies below, which show the new main cast of playable characters (your rivals from the original) and their teacher Suzune (she's the one with the book).

In comments shared with Famitsu, planner and mega breast producer Kenichiro Takagi said that work on Burst began immediately after the original, as the staff wanted to serve two major fan requests: 3D support for the changing room, and the ability to control the rival girls, referred to as the "Snake" girls. Scenario writer Yukinori Kitajima said that while the story will be light hearted at first, it will develop into something harder and more serious that will clear up the mysteries left untold in the original.

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