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Atlus Takes Over Publishing Rights For Dragon's Crown

Vanillaware 2D action RPG now arriving in 2013.


Vanillaware's long lost PS3 and PS Vita action RPG Dragon's Crown is alive and well, and will be coming out in 2013 through Atlus.

That's right, Atlus. While the game was originally announced last year with Ignition as the publisher, a post at the official PlayStation Blog reveals that Atlus is now taking over publishing duties in Japan and North America.

The post also says that key members of the Atlus internal development team will be involved with the project as producers. Included in the bunch are people who've worked on the Persona series.

As you might have expected given that it's already April, the game will miss its original Spring 2012 release time frame. The PS.com blog post says that the game will now be released to North America in 2013. It's unclear if this means the Japanese version will also be released in 2013, but we'll hopefully get a better indication once Atlus Japan or Vanillaware make their own announcement.

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