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Conception: Star Babies Merge to Form Star Angels!


Just a few days before release, Spike Chunsoft detailed three areas of Conception's battle system: elementals, team color and "Gassin."

Elementals are what you might expect. The game has seven elementals -- fire, wind, water, earth, darkness, light, and none (as in no elemental). Party members and enemies alike are assigned elemental properties, which determine which attacks affect them most.

Team Color actually has nothing to do with "color." As previously detailed, your party of 12 star children is split into three teams of four. Depending on the job for each member, the resulting team will have a special Team Color, or TC, effect. For example, if you have a team consisting of four fighters, you'll have a 3% attack bonus. If you have two monks and two magic knights, you'll get a 2% drop in luck but 4% boosts in defense and magic attack.

Gassin is the name for a special transformative team attacks. By depleting your KP (bond points), you can make the four star children on a single team merge to form a single "Star Angel." The star angels come in a variety of types, including power, knowledge and star. The type depends on the parameters and elemental properties of the individual team members.

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