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Spike Chunsoft Brings Danganronpa to iOS; PSP Sequel Set for July

Mono Bear has a little sister.

Spike Chunsoft revealed in Famitsu this week a more specific July release time frame for Super Danganronpa 2. The PSP sequel was previously announced as just date TBA.

iOS and Android gamers will also be able to enjoy the Danganronpa franchise. The first entry in the series will be released on the mobile platforms in an episode format starting in May. The prologue and first chapter will be free. Subsequent chapters will cost ¥500. You can also pick up the whole game for ¥2,000.

Also for iOS and Android, Spike Chunsoft will release a system tool app called "Alter Ego" and a mini game collection called Revenge of Mono Bear. These free apps will be released in April.

Regarding the sequel, Famitsu also has a first look at Mono Bear's little sister, Monomi. While Mono Bear is a villainous character, Monomi appears to be on the side of the students.

Artwork in Famitsu shows Mono Bear to be all pink. Different from Mono Bear, she appears to have a bit of bunny in her.

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