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First Look: Feylne Puzzle

Capcom shares a first trailer and first screens, and announces a collaboration with Sanrio's My Melody.


PSP's latest Monster Hunter game is a falling blocks puzzler based off Monster Hunter. Airu de Puzloo will be released on July 19, priced ¥2,990 in UMD form and ¥2,700.

Capcom released a first trailer today. Take a look here:

As detailed in the trailer, the story begins with everyone receiving a letter form the village elder. The letter says that the town will be holding a puzzle festival, and everyone should gather in the plaza. The winner of the festival will receive a wish of their choosing from the elder.

Basic gameplay involves dropping gems into place. Like-colored gems will explode. Destroy gems, and you'll attack your opponent's field. The game also has chains and special moves -- typical stuff for a falling blocks puzzler.

Joining the trailer, Capcom also revealed that the game will have a collaboration with Sanrio's My Melody. The exact nature of the collaboration was not details. The Monster Hunter series has previously collaborated with other Sanrio properties, including Hello Kitty.

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