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Dragon Quest X: More Puku Land Sights and Characters


Square Enix is still in Puku mode for Dragon Quest X. Following an initial introduction to some principle Puku Land residents last month, this week's update includes a tour around Puku Land itself, and a look at two key key characters from the continent.

The tour of Puku Land includes looks at such areas as Pukulet, Popola, Rinkulu and its lake, Orfea, and the major city of Megistrorys which is home to the royal family. In the distance of the Megistrorys shot (the one with the evening sky), you can see one of Puku Land's major landmarks, the Kira Kira Windmill Tower.

New characters include Forsteel, the legendary hero who's known throughout Megistrorys, and Queen Arwe and her son, Prince Raguas.

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