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Uematsu, Nojima and Minaba Team Up for iOS Fantasy Title Borderwalker


Crunge Products' new iOS fantasy adventure game Borderwalker comes from a high power staff. See if you recognize anyone in this list:

  • Minoru Akao: Programming
  • Yuzuki Ikeda: Opening Illustration
  • Nobuo Uematsu: Music
  • Hisanobu Kometani: Monster Design
  • Tsutomu Narita: Music Arrange
  • Kazushige Nojima: Scenario
  • Nakaba Higurashi: Monster Design
  • Hideo Minaba: Character Design
  • Arata Hanyuda: Direction/Planning
  • Hiroshi Yamaji: Producer

Borderwalker is set in a world that's split into separate day and night worlds. You play as a person capable of crossing the boundary between the two times.

The two parts of the world, Dayland and Nightland, have different residents and monsters. To progress through the main scenario and sub quests, you'll need to make use of your special "Cross Time Border" command.

Combat splits the screen into nine boxes. Tap or slide a box, and you'll be able to perform special skills which you learn as you work through the game.

Borderwalker is available today at ¥900. The game's official site (not yet open) is scheduled to have a trailer.

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