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Hatsune Miku PR Person Anticipates Heavy Pachira Work Load


From Hatsune Miku series spokesperson Nakanohito 1go comes word that Sega has completed work on the beta version of the still-tentatively-titled Next Hatsune Miku Project Diva.

Of course, this isn't like an online game beta where Sega will be having players test it out for them. The beta is just an internal milestone. With the beta version complete, the development staff will be working on clearing bugs and brushing up the game.

Nakanohito 1go's work appears to be a bit more specific. Apparently, he must serve as a centrist in the battle between the panchira buster check team, who wants to limit panchira, and the development staff who wants to place the focus on the cuteness of the dance and performances, which presumably means allowing free reign on the panchira. Nakanohito 1go must strike a balance between nice panchira and bad panchira. His work is "Judgment Panchira."

There's apparently a lot to this pachira judging work, given the amount of variation from the combination of songs and modules (costumes). Nakanohito 1go looks forward to the day of master up, when the pachira buster team and the development staff will come together in good spirit and with firm handshakes, a moment that Nakanohito 1go describes as "supreme bliss."

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