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Social Game Maker KLab Puts Halt to Complete Gacha Sales

Company expects sales drop of less than 5%.


The Japanese government is expected to put restrictions of some form on the use of "Complete Gacha" sales tactics in social games. But one social game maker isn't waiting for regulations.

KLab, maker of social games like Tales of Kizna, Requiem of Apocalypse, and Captain Tsubasa, issued notice today saying that as of May 31, it will stop all use of Complete Gacha in its social games. Additionally, KLab will not be offering Complete Gacha in future games.

In its notice, KLab said that while the Consumer Affairs Agency has not yet given a clear indication if it will find the Complete Gacha sales tactic illegal, it feels that it is best for the the industry to self regulate itself before receiving orders from a governing body.

As for how this policy will affect its bottom line, KLab said that sales of its Gacha business increased 15% when it first adopted Complete Gacha, so it believes the effect will be within 15% of its overall Gacha business. Its overall social game business (which includes item sales and other revenue sources) should be affected less than 5%.

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