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ASCII Mediaworks will be bringing its PC love adventure game Love, Election and Chocolate to the PSP. The PSP version, Love, Election and Chocolate Portable, will be released this Summer.

Originally released to the PC in October 2010, Love, Election and Chocolate is "The story of a boy yearning for true love and a girl hating chocolate." That's what the title logo says. If you'd like more details, you're on your own! Perhaps you'll find some clues at the new official site.

The PSP version adds new events, complete with over 30 pieces of event artwork. You'll now be able to target Non-chan as a full heroine. She was previously just a sub character, but Dengeki G's Magazine readers voted her up to full heroine status.

Two versions of the game will be on offer. Joining the standard ¥6,279 version, fans can look forwaerd to a ¥9,429 limited version which includes three bonuses: a special box, a 150x60cm tapestry, and a special UMD with three mini games.

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