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5pb. Brings Akatsuki no Goei Trilogy to PS3 and PSP


5pb.'s next adventure game is PlayStation exclusive. The publisher announced today Akatsuki no Goei Trinity, a compilation of three PC titles for PSP and PS3.

Akatsuki no Goei originates as a March 2008 adults-only PC title from Akabeisoft2's sister brand Syangrila. A fan disc followed in December of that year. A true sequel was released in April 2010.

Trinity includes those three releases. The adult content is, of course, gone, but there are some bonuses. PS3 owners can look forward to HD visuals and Trophy support. The ports also include new opening movies and theme songs. If you like, you'll also be able to hear the original theme songs.

Wondering how 5pb. is going to fit three voice-heavy games on a single UMD? The answer is... they're not! The PSP version spans two UMDs.

Akatsuki no Goei Trinity will be released on September 20, priced ¥8,190 as a standard version and ¥10,290 as a limited edition. The screenshots you see on this page come from Famitsu.com.

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