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Sengoku Basara HD Collection First Screenshots; Plus, Hints at a New Game


Good news: we have our first screens of Sengoku Basara HD Collection!

Bad news: clicking on these pics won't make them any better. Capcom somehow decided that it was okay to share less-than-HD screens of an HD remaster.

Capcom also released a comparision pic showing how the original PS2 titles compare with the HD remaster version, but this has the same issue as the screenshots.

The screens were released at a press conference detailing Capcom's upcoming plans for the franchise. In addition to the August 30 release date that we shared yesterday, Capcom announced that the collection will have a new theme song, WE aRE from abingdon boys school.

The newly opened Sengoku Basara HD Collection official site reveals that the collection will include a "new title video." This could be a hint that a new Sengoku Basara game will be announced this summer.

Also at the press conference, Capcom announced that Browser Sengoku Basara will begin service on June 5. It will be preceded by Sengoku Basara Card Heroes on May 29.

Visit 4Gamer and Famitsu.com for pics from the event..

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