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Bravely Default Jobs Change System Screenshots


This latest batch of oddly blurry Bravely Default screenshots show off the elements we detailed from last week's Jump, including the job change system, the turn-based battle system, and the Eternia air force.

Jobs include traditional FF roles like Knight, Monk, Black Mage and White Mage. The game will also have all new jobs, but Square Enix has not yet revealed them.

Jobs in Bravely Default fit into the world setting. People of the world use a special item called an "Astarisk" to change jobs. Anyone who has one of these Astarisks has the ability to change jobs.

This includes the members of the Eternia air force, who are out to get our herone, Anies. The four members show in the screen shots, Holy White (white mage), Ominous Kurou (black mage), Bearing Out (monk) and and Argent Hainkel (knight), have the Astarisks for their respective jobs.

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