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Tecmo Koei Talks Gust, Download Content and Dead or Alive 5


Surge Concerto ciel nosurge represents Gust's first game as a Tecmo Koei subsidiary. It was briefly mentioned in Tecmo Koei's earnings briefing yesterday, with the company said that it's performing well through repeat orders.

Perhaps more important than actual sales figures, the company said that the game is forming a new user group that differs from Tecmo Koei's traditional fan-base.

Gust has a high 35% profit margin, Tecmo Koei revealed during the briefing. Recent figures include 486 million yen operating profit on 1,251 million yen sales.

The company mentioned some of its previously announced plans for the Gust brand. It hopes to utilize Atelier and other strong IPs not just for game software, but for KT Group's various other businesses. As an example, Gust will have its first official fan event in July 2012.

Other Gust-related plans include cooperation in development technology, marketing and shared office facilities use. Additionally, Tecmo Koei hopes to make social games based off Gust IPs.

Tecmo Koei's earnings briefing covered more than just Gust, of course. You can view the full set of color slides here. (PDF, Japanese).

The slides list Dead or Alive 5 with its previously announced September simultaneous worldwide release plan. The aim is for a million selling hit.

The DOA slide also promises the continual release of other numbering titles, all with the aim of surpassing their previous installments. In addition, the company plans on trying new titles.

With its Virtua Fighter tie-up, Dead or Alive features into Tecmo Koei's collaboration plans, which also included games like One Piece Pirate Musou and Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition. The company says that it hopes to continue with this collaboration strategy not just for package games, but for social games, events, and other areas of its business.

Download business will figure into Tecmo Koei's plans. Dynasty Warriors 7 did 250 million yen of download business. Warriors Orochi 3 did 45 million yen. All titles, including Dead or Alive 5, will have download business components.

As mentioned in the financial statement from earlier in the week, Tecmo Koei plans on taking advantage of new hardware launches, and actively releasing product. While not specifically mentioning Wii U, the slides do show Wii U and its tablet.

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