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Nippon Ichi Sees Increased Earnings on Disgaea Performance


Nippon Ichi saw rising revenues in the previous fiscal year thanks in part to strong performance from the Disgaea series.

Sales were up from 2,217 million yen to 2,460 million yen. Operating income increased from 305 million yen to 326 million yen while net earnings dropped from 230 million yen to 215 million.

Nippon Ichi released twelve titles in Japan and abroad. In Japan, the lineup included Bikkuriman (3DS), Phantom Kingdom Portable (PSP), Disgaea 4 Fuka & Desco Volume (PS3), Disgaea 3 Return (PS Vita) and Legasista (PS3). Of these, PS Vita launch title Disgaea 3 Return was singled out in the company's earnings statement for its strong performance.

For the current fiscal year, running through March 31, 2013, the company said that it plans on producing content at the level of the Disgaea franchise, allowing it to reduce its dependency on that franchise. It also plans on working with is newly formed Deon Entertainment subsidiary for social games content.

View Nippon Ichi's full earnings statement here.

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