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Three minutes of not Legend of Heroes Legend of Heroes awaits below in this new trailer for Nayuta no Kiseki. The new PSP Legend of Heroes game, which does not have Legend of Heroes in its name, has seen a few videos prior to this, but this is the first real trailer, showing lengthy gameplay and event sequences.

The person speaking in the trailer is CEO Toshihiro Kondo. He first remarks that with Nayuta no Kiseki, Falcom has realized a new Kiseki series that can only be had through a new world and new characters ("Kiseki" refers to the series that includes Sora no Kiseki, or Trails in the Sky, Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki).

One difference from past Kiseki games, noted Kondo, is that Nayuta no Kiseki will make full use of its world. The previous Kiseki games all took place in the same world, but each game was based in different sections.

Kondo finished by saying that Falcom will continue to make the normal Kiseki series, but they hope that players enjoy what results when they try new challenges with this title.

Separate from the video, Falcom introduced a new character, Lyla. This 15-year-old is a young girl from main character Nayuta's home island, and childhood friend to both Nayuta and Signa.

In addition to Lyla's artwork, we've posted a pic of the game's boxart.

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