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Aleste and Eggy Delisted From Wii Virtual Console Lineup


Aleste and Eggy were the first two MSX games on the Wii Virtual Console. And they'll be the first to go as well. Nintendo's latest update to the Virtual Console lineup page lists both games as marked for removal on May 22.

Aleste was first released on May 27, 2008. EGGY followed on July 29, 2008. Both games were released by D4 Enterprise. All other MSX games on the service are from Konami.

While the lineup page did not provide a reason for the removal, it is often the case that individual publishers will pull titles due to rights issues or other business matters.

D4 is still releasing games for the Virtual Console service, and is actually one of the most prolific contributors. It released Neo Geo's The Super Spy on the 8th. Shock Trooopers is due later this month.

[Via Impress Watch]

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