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3DS Gets its First "Vampire Life" Game This Month

Poi Soft readying sequel to WiiWare's Order.


Poi Soft is readying a sequel to its WiiWare strategy game Order!. Titled Yo no Majin to Ikusa no Kuni, the sequel will be released as a ¥700 3DS download on May 30.

Order!, a "king simulation" game with sprite-based visuals was released to the Wii in June 2009. See all our screens and information here.

Although Poi Soft says the new The new 3DS title is a sequel to Order!, it replaces the royal themes with vampires. You'll simulate the life of a vampire and will have to decide to live like a vampire or do things one would not expect of a vampire.

What this means isn't entirely clear, but we should find out as the release date nears.

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