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Coinciding with release date announcements throughout the world, Sega Japan announced today a final June 6 date for Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown in Japan. The arcade port will be ¥1,500 on PS3 and ¥1,200 on Xbox Live Arcade.

As promised, Sega will be offering paid customization items. You'll be able to purchase a character item pack for each character. Each ¥500/400MSP pack consists of 19 items and costume data for the given character. Sega will also offer item sets consisting of multiple item packs at discount pricing. See the official site for item and character lists.

The home conversion of VF5FS features online play, with support for eight player rooms. Two players fight while everyone else watches and takes part in voice chat.

The game also has a Dojo mode, which will train beginners and experts alike, replay save and upload functionality complete with key and frame displays, and a new offline-only License Challenge mode which makes you play under special rules like half gravity and double HP for your opponent.

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