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Nintendo, Square Enix and NTT Team Up For Dragon Quest X


Nintendo announced today a partnership with Square Enix and NTT East and West Japan. The partnership aims to push sales of Dragon Quest X, Wii and NTT's Flets Hikari internet service.

The partnership has three main components:

  • 1. Flets Hikari will be the recommended internet service for Dragon Quest X.
  • 2. Square Enix, Nintendo and NTT will hold promotions targeting their various customers, highlighting the appeal of Flets Hikari, Dragon Quest X and Wii. Flets Hikari Members Club members will be able to enter a drawing for a copy of DQX. 1,000 copies of the game will be given out through this drawing.
  • 3. NTT and Nintendo currently jointly operate an internet connection support center for 3DS and Wii. This will also support connectivity for Dragon Quest X.

View Nintendo's full press release here (Japanese).

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