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Nayuta no Kiseki Gameplay Details -- Bentos, Gear Crafts, Seasons and More!


New details on Nayuta no Kiseki have surfaced from... well, I'm not sure from where, but Game Jouhou has a summary which I'll summarize here.

Seasonal Changes

As you advance in the game, you'll gain the ability to control the season. Change the season of a stage, and its monsters, items and even progression route will change.

Also related to seasons, Noi has season-themed magic: Spring Magic, Summer Magic, Fall Magic and Winter Magic. Combine Noi's magic with Nayuta's attacks for greater effect.

Power Up With Sword Skills and Knowledge

When you clear a stage, you'll be given a rating and gain new sword skills and knowledge. Sword skills are specific attack moves that you perform with various button input combinations. An example is "Kamaitachi," a powerful attack that sends your opponent flying. Knowledge lets you strengthen your attack and defense capabilities -- for example, increasing the your attack strength with a particular weapon.

Gear Crafts

Gear Crafts are special cooperative skills that Nayuta and Noi can perform. They're used to clear gimmicks and obstacles in the stages. Examples include Gear Buster, which destroys obstacles, and Gear Drive, which makes you move fast and deal damage to enemies that you bump into.


As you travel about on your adventure, you'll collect ingredients. Give these to Arsa Hershel (a girl who watches over Nayuta), and she'll make you a delicious bento. The effect of the bento changes depending on the ingredients. Some bentos will recover your strength. Others will make you earn more experience. You may also find a recipe book that will let Arsa make special bentos.

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