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Guild 02 Detailed

Mini tanks vs giant bugs in Keiji Inafune's contribution.


Joining the creator list from earlier in the day, we have first details on Guild 02's included games, via Famitsu and flying get source Sinobi.

As we detailed earlier, Level-5's followup to Guild 01 features another all-star list of creators. The original Guild 01 had (or will have, when it's released next week) games from Suda 51, Yasumi Matsuno and Yoot Saito. Guild 02 has games from Keiji Inafune, Kazu Ayabe and the duo of Takemaru Abiko and Kazuya Asano.

Famitsu lists one game each from these creators:


From Takemaru Abiko and Kazuya Asano, creators of such ChunSoft visual novels as Otogiriso and Kamaitachi no Yoru. You play as a character who awakens in the dark, having lost his memory. In this short-form suspense game, you'll explore such questions as "Who am I," "Where am I" and "What is happening?"

Mushikera Sensha

Keiji Inafune's contribution to Guild 02 is an action game whose name translates to something along the lines of "Bug Tank." Set in World War II, you control a tank that has been converted to mini size. You'll face off in battle against giant insects.

Kaijuu ga Deru Kinyoubi

Kazu Ayabe, maker of Sony's My Summer Vacation series, is working on Kaijuu ga Deru Kinyoubi, whose name roughly translates to "The Friday When The Monsters Appear." The game is set in the Showa Era (60s) in a town where giant heroes and monsters have become popular amongst children. Every Friday, monsters appear in the town.

It's unclear if this is the full set of titles for Guild 02. Guild 01 has four games.

Buyers of Guild 01 will find some connectivity with Guild 02. In Guild 02, you'll get passwords which can be input into Guild 01 to unlock passwords which can be used to unlock content in Guild 02. (Yes, it seems a bit complex, but that's what Sinobi wrote.)

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