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Tokitowa's Gift System Revealed

Plus, full res screens of Toki's alterego Towa.


Imageepoch has been shy on the gameplay details for Tokitowa, but a few newly released screenshots provide some hints about some of your activities in the new PS3 RPG:

This status screen shows options for "status," "slot", "item," "quest," "gift," "love" and "option."

Gift refers to special abilities that Toki and her alterego Towa can acquire. As you raise the characters, the "two" heroines will gain unique gifts.

The screen below shows Toki/Towa leveling-up. You'll be able to change from Toki to Towa or Towa to Toki when you've gained experience in battle and leveled up.

You can also change from one heroine to the other by using pepper, shown in the item screen below. Pepper is a rare item, so you'll need to use this sparingly.

Here's what happens when you initiate a transformation (you'll recall seeing smaller versions of some of these last week).

Finally, a map screen and some event scenes. On the map, you'll see special places marked as "Memory Places." Either Toki or Towa will have special memories of these places, and by visiting them you'll view special events.

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