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Yu Suzuki Developing Smartphone Game

Kenji Sasaki, Takahiro Suzuki and Kazunori Yamaji also developing for entag! platform.


Famitsu.com's mobile app site has a "scoop" about an upcoming game from Mr. Shenmue himself Yu Suzuki. According to the site, Suzuki is working on a smartphone game for Mediano's entag! platform. The game will be released on iPhone and Android.

Unfortunately, the site was not above to procure details on the game, or a name.

Suzuki is no the only Sega pro working on entag!. Famitsu.com also reports that Kenji Sasaki (Sega Rally), Takahiro Suzuki (Hatsune Miku Project Diva Dreamy Theater) and Kazunori Yamaji (Shenmue, Blinx) are also working with the platform.

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